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Recycling Bins

We offer a wide variety of bins to suit your recycling needs, whether it's for mixed recycling, single recycling, or specific environments like offices or schools. Our bins are designed to effectively collect and sort recyclable materials, making it easier for you to do your part in preserving the environment.

For mixed recycling, we have bins with multiple compartments, in various sizes and capacities. These bins allow you to separate different recyclable materials, such as paper, plastics, and aluminium cans, within a single unit. If you prefer a simpler approach, we also offer single recycling bins that provide a one-stop solution for recycling specific materials.

Our range includes bins specifically designed for office and school environments. These bins blend seamlessly with their surroundings and with varying litre capacities available, you can choose a bin size that suits the recycling volume of your space.

Investing in our recycling bins is a sustainable choice that promotes responsible waste management. Incorporate these bins into your facilities management and join us in a greener future. Read more top tips for going green in our blog.

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VOW Q-Connect Toner and Inkjet Recycling Box RECBOX
2Work Recycling Bin Green (Pack of 3) 2W04262
Addis Grey 54 Litre Recycling Bin Kit Base Metallic (Pack of 3) 505574
Addis Recycling Bin Kit (Pack of 3) 505575/505574
Durable Durabin Bin Square 90 Litre 520x490x610mm Grey 1800474050
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Recycling Station 2 Stream Black/Blue 2057605
Acorn Big Bin Cardboard Recycling Bin 160 Litre 457x457x914mm (Pack of 5) 142958
Acorn Cardboard Recycling Bin 60 Litre Green (Pack of 5) 402565
Acorn Office Twin Recycling Bin Blue/Green (95 litres each bin) 802853
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Vented Container 60L Grey 3541-GRY/R001192
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Vented Container 87L Blue FG354007BLUE
Rubbermaid Wastebasket Recycling Medium 26L Blue FG295673BLUE
Battery Tube Recycling Bin 20L Black 426344
Trento Oko 3X9L Recycling Bin White 357453
VFM Recycling Bin With Lid 25 Litre Yellow (Dimensions: 190 x 400 x 510mm) 384283
VFM Recycling Bin with Lid 25 Litre Blue 384286
VFM Recycling Bin With Lid 50 Litre Red 384289
VFM Recycling Bin with Lid 50 Litre Blue 384290
VFM Designer Wheelie Bin Recycling No Lock 90 Litre Red 415719
VFM Designer Wheelie Bin Recycling No Lock 90 Litre Yellow 415720
VFM Designer Wheelie Bin Recycling No Lock 90 Litre Blue 415721
VFM Confidential Waste Bin 90L Millstone Grit and Lock 415723
VFM Slim Recycling Bins with Range of Stickers (Set of 3) 416995
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Lid for Bottle Recycling System 518x290x70mm Red Ref FG269288RED
Durable Durabin Slim Bin for Recycling Waste 90 Litre Capacity 515x485x605mm Black Ref 1800474221
EcoSort Recycling System Midi Bin 60 Litre Capacity 275x590x635mm Grey Ref SPICEMIDGREY1
Jantex Recycling Bin Beige 56Ltr
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container With Venting Channels Black 60Ltr
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container With Venting Channels Black 87Ltr
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container With Venting Channels Grey 60Ltr
Rubbermaid General Purpose Swing Lid Grey
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container Interlocking Dolly
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Container With Venting Channels Grey 87Ltr
Rubbermaid Slim Jim Under-Counter Bin Grey 49Ltr
Beca Disposable Cup Recycling Bin
Simplehuman butterfly recycling waste/ recycling bin - Body Colour: Brushed steel
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  • How can I set up recycling bins in my office? Begin by identifying the types of materials most used and disposed of in your office, such as paper, aluminium cans, and plastic bottles. Place clearly labelled recycling bins in convenient locations throughout the office, including printing stations, break rooms and common areas. Educate your colleagues about the importance of recycling and explain what can and cannot be recycled.
  • Can I introduce recycling bins in my school? This is a great way to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices from a young age. Collaborate with school administrators and teachers to identify where recycling bins are needed and how to educate pupils on the correct way to use them. Ensure each bin is properly labelled and supports the recycling needs of the school, such as paper, plastic, or even composting bins for the cafeteria.
  • How can I improve recycling at my facility? Facility managers can optimise their recycling programme through careful planning and coordination. Start by conducting waste audits to identify the types and amounts of waste generated within your facility. This will help you determine the appropriate number and size of recycling bins needed. Place them strategically throughout the facility, considering high-traffic areas and locations where waste is generated. Regularly monitor and maintain the recycling bins to ensure they are not contaminated and that materials are properly sorted.