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Shredder Oil

If you own a paper shredder, keeping it well-maintained with regular lubrication is essential to optimise its performance and extend its lifespan. Shredder oil is the ultimate solution to all your shredder maintenance needs. Designed specifically for paper shredders, this machine oil is a high-quality lubricant that ensures smooth operation and prevents jamming.

Shredder oil comes in various forms, including oil sheets, aerosol spray cans, and traditional bottles. Aerosol cans deliver a fine mist of oil that easily reaches every nook and cranny of the shredder mechanism. Meanwhile, the oil sheets are convenient and mess-free, as you simply run them through the shredder to distribute the lubricant evenly. These sheets also help to sharpen the blades, maximising shredding efficiency.

Keep your shredder in top shape and achieve optimal performance with regular maintenance using shredder oil.

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Q-Connect Shredder Machine Oil 250ml Bottle KF03685
Q-Connect Shredder Oil Aerosol 150ml KF14455
Q-Connect Shredder Sharpening and Lubrication Sheet 220x150mm (Pack of 12) KF18470
Rexel Shredder Auto Oiling Oil 4400050
Rexel Shredder Non-Auto Oil Sheets (Pack of 12) 2101948
Rexel Shredder Non-Auto Oil Sheets (Pack of 20) 2101949
Rexel Shredder Lubricant 473ml 1760049
Fellowes Powershred Shredder Oil Light Amber 335ml Bottle 3608601
Fellowes Powershred Performance+ Lubricant Sheets (Pack of 10) 4025601
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  • What’s shredder oil and why is it important for my paper shredder? Shredder oil, also known as shredder lubricant, is a specially formulated oil used to lubricate the cutting blades of a paper shredder. It maintains optimal shredding performance by reducing friction and preventing the buildup of paper debris. Regularly oiling your paper shredder ensures smooth operation, prolongs the machine's life, and prevents paper jams.
  • How often should I oil my paper shredder and what’s the best method? The frequency of oiling your paper shredder depends on its usage, but the best practice is to oil your shredder every time you empty the waste bin or after 30 minutes of continuous shredding. You can use oil sheets or aerosol lubricants specifically designed for shredders. To oil your shredder, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions, usually by running the shredder in reverse mode and applying the oil in a light and even manner across the cutting blades.
  • How effective are shredder oil sheets? These sheets are pre-soaked with the right amount of shredder oil, making them convenient to use. When inserted into the shredder, the sheet not only lubricates the blades but also coats them with oil, helping to remove any buildup and keep the blades sharp. However, for optimal performance and longevity of your paper shredder, it’s still recommended to use dedicated shredder oil or lubricants regularly in addition to using shredder oil sheets.