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Commercial Washroom Supplies

Keep your commercial building, office or classroom fully stocked with essential washroom supplies. Our range includes a variety of handwashing and sanitation products to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for all occupants. From high-quality hand soap and sanitisers to durable cleaning supplies, we have everything you need to maintain a pristine washroom facility. Our commercial washroom supplies are designed to be effective yet gentle on the skin, making them suitable for frequent use throughout the day. Trust our products to promote good hygiene practices and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and staff alike.


  • What washroom supplies do employers have to provide? Employers are required to provide soap and toilet paper in washrooms for their employees as part of maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment. These supplies are essential for proper sanitation.
  • How many toilets are required in an office? The number of toilets required is determined by building codes and occupancy levels. Generally, there should be at least one toilet for every 25 employees.
  • Do employers have to provide sanitary products? Employers aren’t legally required to provide sanitary products, but they may choose to do so as part of promoting a supportive and inclusive workplace environment. It is mandatory to provide sanitary bins.