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Rubber Bands

Whether you need to bundle paperwork or secure items, our durable rubber bands will get the job done. Made from high-quality materials, these elastic rubber bands offer excellent elasticity and longevity. We offer a variety of options from normal rubber band sizes to mini or extra-large bands. The mixed colours add a fun touch, making organisation a breeze, or choose plain bands for standardised packaging. Upgrade your office supplies today with this office essential. Rubber bands provide a versatile and reliable solution for any setting, from the classroom to your home office.

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Q-Connect Rubber Bands Assorted Sizes Coloured 15g (Pack of 10) KF02032Q
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.10 31.75 x 1.6mm 500g KF10520
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.12 38.1 x 1.6mm 500g KF10522
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.14 50.8 x 1.6mm 500g KF10523
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.16 63.5 x 1.6mm 500g KF10524
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.18 76.2 x 1.6mm 500g KF10526
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.19 88.9 x 1.6mm 500g KF10527
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.24 152.4 x 1.6mm 500g KF10533
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.30 50.8 x 3.2mm 500g KF10535
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.32 76.2 x 3.2mm 500g KF10537
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.33 88.9 x 3.2mm 500g KF10538
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.34 101.6 x 3.2mm 500g KF10539
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.36 127 x 3.2mm 500g KF10542
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.38 152.4 x 3.2mm 500g KF10544
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.63 76.2 x 6.3mm 500g KF10548
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.64 88.9 x 6.3mm 500g KF10549
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.65 101.6 x 6.3mm 500g KF10550
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.75 101.6 x 9.5mm 500g KF10560
Q-Connect Rubber Bands No.89 152.4 x 12.7mm 500g KF10573
Q-Connect Rubber Bands Assorted Sizes 500g KF10577
Q-Connect Rubber Bands Assorted Sizes 100g KF10673
Q-Connect X-Band Rubber Bands 100x11mm Assorted Colours 100g KF14679
Size 14 Rubber Bands 454g 2429549
Size 16 Rubber Bands 454g 9340004
Size 18 Rubber Bands 454g 9340015
Size 19 Rubber Bands 454g 6579042
Size 24 Rubber Bands 454gm 9340014
Size 32 Rubber Bands (Pack of 454g) 0670081
Size 33 Rubber Bands 454g 9340007
Size 34 Rubber Bands 454g 3105063
Size 36 Rubber Bands 454g 9340017
Size 38 Rubber Bands 454g 9340008
Size 63 Rubber Bands 454g 9340009
Size 64 Rubber Bands 454g 6355525
Size 65 Rubber Bands 454g 9340019
Size 69 Rubber Bands 454g 9340020
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  • What are rubber bands made of? Rubber bands are typically made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber compounds, like latex, silicone or neoprene. These materials are flexible and stretchy, allowing rubber bands to expand and contract for various applications.
  • What can you do with rubber bands? Rubber bands can be used for various purposes such as securing items together, organising cables, creating DIY crafts, improving grip on slippery surfaces and more.
  • How do you make a rubber band ball? Start with a single rubber band and wrap additional bands around it, overlapping each one to build up the ball. Continue adding bands until you reach the desired size. Keep the bands tight and evenly spaced for a round shape.