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Till Rolls

Till Rolls to simplify your point-of-sale experience. Our Paper and thermal till rolls are essential components for businesses operating in the retail and hospitality sectors. Made from high-quality paper, our rolls are designed to fit perfectly into cash register machines, credit card terminals, and receipt printers, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions. Thermal till rolls have the added advantage of utilising heat-sensitive paper that eliminates the need for ink, making them both convenient and cost-effective. With thermal till rolls, your business can save on maintenance and ribbon replacement costs, while enjoying clear and long-lasting receipts. Whether you run a small boutique, a bustling café, or a supermarket chain, investing in high-quality till rolls and thermal till rolls is crucial for maintaining an organised and professional point-of-sale experience. With a wide range of sizes and lengths available, our till rolls cater to various machine types, enabling seamless integration and reliable print performance. Upgrade your business's transaction process today with our range of durable and efficient till rolls and thermal till rolls.

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Q-Connect Calculator Roll 57x57mm (Pack of 20) KF50200
Thermal EPOS Roll 80x60x12mm (Pack of 20) RE70457
White Thermal Till Roll 57x38x12mm (Pack of 20) THM573812
White Thermal Roll 57x30x12mm (Pack of 20) THM5730mm
White Thermal Till Roll 80x70mm (Pack of 20) TH243
3-Ply Paper Till Roll 76x76mm White Pink Yellow (Pack of 20) AD3767612
Thermal Paper Roll White 80x80x12.7mm 20 Roll Box
Thermal Paper Roll Blue 80x80x12.7mm 20 Roll Box
Exacompta Zero Plastic Thermal Receipt Roll 57mmx40mmx18m (Pack of 20) 40761E
Exacompta SumUp Zero Plastic Receipt Roll 57x30mmx9m (Pack of 20) 40762E
Exacompta Zero Plastic Thermal Receipt Roll 80mmx72mmx76m (Pack of 10) 40768E
Exacomtpa Safe Contact Credit Card Receipt Roll 57mmx40mmx18m (Pack of 20) 40951E
Exacomtpa Safe Contact Credit Card Receipt Roll 80mmx80mmx76m (Pack of 10) 43918E
Exacomtpa Safe Contact Credit Card Receipt Roll 80mmx60mmx44m (Pack of 10) 43924E
Prestige Thermal Credit Card Roll 57mmx38mmx12mm (Pack of 20) RE00026
Prestige Thermal Credit Card Roll 57mmx46m (Pack of 20) THM572512
Prestige Thermal Credit Card Roll 57mmx30mm (Pack of 20) RE00032
Prestige Thermal Roll 44mmx70mmx17mm (Pack of 20) RE00153
Prestige Till Roll 2-Ply 76mmx76mm (Pack of 20) RE00220
Prestige Calculator Roll 70mmx70mm (Pack of 20) R23A
Prestige Thermal Roll 57mmx30mm (Pack of 20) FSC5730
Prestige Thermal Roll Single Ply 57mmx40mm (Pack of 20) FSC5740
Prestige Thermal Roll 57mm x 25m (Pack of 20) FSC5725
Prestige Thermal Roll 79mmx79mm (Pack of 20) RE03962
Prestige Till Rolls 1-Ply 44mmx70mm (Pack of 20) RE04023
Prestige Till Rolls 1-Ply 76mmx76mm (Pack of 20) RE04055
Prestige Till Rolls 2-Ply 76mm White/Pink (Pack of 20) RE05520
Prestige Credit Card Roll 2-Ply 57mmx55mmx12.7mm (Pack of 20) RE07028
Prestige Thermal Till Roll 57mmx55mmx12.7mm (Pack of 20) RE10468
Prestige Thermal Till Roll 57mmx 80mmx12.7mm (Pack of 20) RE10491
Prestige Thermal Till Roll 80mmx80mm (Pack of 20) RE10606
Thermal Paper Roll White 57x57x12.7mm 20 Roll Box
Exacomtpa Safe Contact Credit Card Receipt Roll 57mmx30mmx9m (Pack of 20) 43942E
Total 34 products

1. What are thermal till rolls?

Thermal till rolls are a type of till roll that does not require ink or ribbons for printing. Instead, they use heat from the thermal printer to create images and text on the paper.

2. Can thermal till rolls be used with any printer?

No, thermal till rolls can only be used with thermal printers specifically designed for this type of paper. It is essential to check the compatibility of the printer before purchasing thermal till rolls. Fancy an upgrade? Browse our POS printers and cash registers for some of the best POS systems and terminals in Ireland.

3. Are thermal till rolls more expensive than traditional till rolls?

Thermal till rolls tend to be slightly more expensive than traditional till rolls upfront. However, when considering the long-term costs, they can save money since there is no need to purchase ink or ribbons.

4. How long do thermal printouts on till rolls last?

Thermal printouts on till rolls are generally resistant to fading and can last for several years if stored properly. However, they may be sensitive to heat and light, so it is essential to keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

5. What sizes are available for till rolls?

Our till rolls come in various sizes to fit different types of cash registers and POS systems, from 44mm to 80mm.