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Suspension Files and Accessories

Whether you're looking to bring order to your home office or streamline your professional space, suspension files are the ultimate organisational tool. With their clever design, these files allow you to easily store and access your important documents, keeping everything neat and tidy. To enhance your filing system, we also offer a range of handy accessories including suspension file clips and portable suspension filing solutions. These clips keep your files secure and prevent them from slipping out, ensuring that your documents stay in their designated place. Browse our selection of suspension files and accessories to discover how you can bring order and efficiency to your workspace.

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Q-Connect 15mm Lateral File Manilla 150 Sheet Green (Pack of 25) KF01184
Q-Connect Foolscap Tabbed Suspension Files (Pack of 50) KF21001
Q-Connect Suspension File Tabs Clear (Pack of 50) KF21002
Q-Connect Suspension File Tab Label Inserts White (Pack of 51) 19601KIN0
Q-Connect A4 Tabbed Suspension Files (Pack of 50) KF21004
Q-Connect A4 Tabbed Suspension Files (Pack of 10) KF21017
Q-Connect Foolscap Tabbed Suspension Files (Pack of 10) KF21018
Elba Suspension File Manilla A4 Blue (25 Pack) 100331149
Elba Suspension File Vflex Vbtm A4 Green (25 Pack) 100331150
Elba Suspension File Manilla Foolscap Blue (25 Pack) 100331168
Elba Ulti Vert Suspension File 30mm FC Green (50 Pack) 100331114
Elba Suspension File Foolscap Green (50 Pack) 100331250
Elba Ulti Vert Suspension File Vbtm FC Green (25 Pack) 100331170
Elba Suspension File Manilla Foolscap Orange (25 Pack) 100330314
Elba Suspension Files Label Sheet Lateral (10 Pack) 100330212
Elba Suspension Files Tabs Rigid Plastic (50 Pack) 100330216
Elba Flex Suspension File Tabs (25 Pack) 100330217
Elba Plastic Suspension File Inserts (65 Pack) 100330219
Elba Suspension File Azo Vbtm Manilla FC Orange (25 Pack) 100330312
Elba Suspension File PP Foolscap Blue (25 Pack) 100330370
Elba Suspension File PP 30mm Foolscap Blue (25 Pack) 100330371
Elba Ultimate Lateral File Vbtm PP A4 Blue (25 Pack) 100330583
Elba Lateral File PP 30mm A4 Blue (25 Pack) 100330584
Esselte Orgarex Suspension File V Base Foolscap Orange (Pack of 50) 10402
Esselte Orgarex Suspension File 30mm Foolscap Orange (Pack of 50) 10403
Esselte Orgarex 15mm Lateral File V-Bottom A4 Orange (Pack of 25) 21627
Esselte Orgarex 15mm Lateral File A4 Orange (Pack of 25) 21628
Esselte Orgarex 30mm Lateral File A4 Orange (Pack of 25) 21629
Esselte Orgarex 50mm Lateral File A4 Orange (Pack of 25) 21630
Orgarex Suspension File Insert White (Pack of 250) 326200
Esselte Classic A4 Blue Suspension File (Pack of 25) 90311
Esselte Classic A4 Green Suspension File (Pack of 25) 90318
Esselte Classic Foolscap Blue Suspension File (Pack of 25) 90334
Esselte Classic Foolscap Suspension File Green (Pack of 25) 90337
Leitz Alpha Recycle Suspension File A4 Black (Pack of 10) 19210095
Leitz Ultimate Suspension File Foolscap Green (Pack of 50) 17450055
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What are suspension files?

Suspension files are a type of filing system used in filing cabinets or hanging file frames. They have hooks or slots that allow them to be suspended and glide smoothly along the railings. Suspension files are often used in conjunction with ring binders for efficient organisation.

What are the different types of suspension files?

While suspension files are typically very similar to each other, we have a wide range of colourful option and sizes available.


Are there different size suspension files?

Suspension files do come in different sizes to accommodate various filing needs. The two most common sizes are A4 and foolscap. A4 suspension files are designed to hold A4-sized documents, which is the standard size for most office paperwork. On the other hand, foolscap suspension files are slightly larger and can hold both A4 and foolscap-sized documents. These sizes ensure that you can organise and store your files effectively based on your specific requirements.