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Home Document Shredders

Our strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut home document shredders provide varying levels of security to meet your needs. Perfect for personal use, our compact home office paper shredder easily fits in any space. Keep your sensitive documents safe from prying eyes and protect your personal information with ease. Home office shredders are designed to handle a variety of paper sizes and stack capacities. Invest in a reliable shredder for your home office today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your confidential information is securely destroyed. For office shredding, explore our collection of department and office shredders which are designed to handle higher capacities.

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Q-Connect Q6STR2 Strip Cut Shredder KF10956
Q-Connect Q14MCC Micro Cut Shredder KF17110
Q-Connect Q6CC2 CrosSq Cut Paper Shredder (Shreds up to 6 sheets of 75gsm paper) KF17971
Q-Connect Q8CC2 CrosSq Cut Paper Shredder (Shreds up to 8 sheets of 75gsm paper) KF17973
Q-Connect Cross Cut Paper Shredder Q10CC2 (Shreds 10 sheets of 75gsm paper in one pass) KF17975
Rexel Secure X6 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder 2020122
Promax QS 15/38 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder 2104587
Promax QS 18/38 Strip-Cut P-2 Shredder 2104588
Promax QS 15/35 Strip-Cut P-2 Shredder 2104586
Promax QS 12/23 Strip-Cut P-2 Shredder 2104584
Rexel Promax QS 8/23 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder Black 2104583
Rexel Promax QS 10/35 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder Black 2104585
Rexel Momentum S206 Strip-Cut P-2 Shredder 2104568
Rexel Momentum X308 Cross-Cut P-3 Shredder Black 2104570
Powershred 60Cs Cross Square Cut Shredder
Fellowes Poweshred M-7CM Cross Cut Shredder 4701901
Fellowes Powershred 10M Micro-Cut Shredder 4630701
Fellowes Powershred LX70 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder 4403401
Fellowes Powershred LX25 Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder Black 4171101
Fellowes Automax 80M Mini-Cut Shredder Hybrid Shredding 23L 4621601
Leitz IQ Home Office Cross-Cut Paper Shredder P-4 White 80091000
Fellowes AutoMax 100M paper shredder Micro-cut shredding 22 cm Black
Fellowes 485Ci paper shredder Cross shredding 40 cm Black
Rexel Secure X8-SL Cross-Cut P-5 Slim Shredder 2020126
Total 24 products


  • Which shredder should I buy? Consider a cross-cut shredder for medium security (confidential documents) and a micro-cut shredder for high security (sensitive information). Choose a model with a capacity that meets your needs to handle the volume of documents you typically shred.
  • How do you unjam a shredder? First, turn it off and unplug the shredder for safety. Use a pair of tweezers or a designated tool to carefully remove the stuck paper shreds. Avoid using your hands to prevent injuries. Finally, restart the shredder and test if it’s functioning properly.
  • How do you oil a paper shredder? Start by unplugging the shredder. Apply shredder oil directly onto a sheet of paper in a zig-zag pattern. Feed the oiled sheet through the shredder. Run the shredder in reverse for a few seconds to distribute the oil evenly.