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Bank Note Checkers

Don't leave the authenticity of your money to chance. Our range of bank note checkers provides you with peace of mind and security. Designed to detect counterfeit notes with precision, these devices utilise advanced technology to analyse various security features such as UV, magnetic ink, and watermark detection. Compact and user-friendly, our bank note checkers are perfect for businesses, retailers, and individuals who handle cash regularly. Effortlessly verify the legitimacy of your banknotes, save time, and protect yourself from financial losses. Invest in our bank note checkers today and safeguard your hard-earned money and count it with a cash counter!

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Q-Connect Counterfeit Detector Pen (Pack of 10) KF14621
Securikey Counterfeit Detector Pen with UV Light PABNB-UV
Safescan 30 Counterfeit Detector Pen (Pack of 10) 111-0378
Safescan 50 Black UV Counterfeit Detector 131-0397
Safescan 70 UV Counterfeit Detector with White Light Area 131-0398
Safescan UV Counterfeit Detector Replacement Lamp 50/70 131-0411
Safescan Hand Held UV Lamp Note Detector 40H 130-0444
Safescan Counterfeit Detector Cleaning Cards White (Pack of 20) 136-0545
Safescan 155-S Automatic Counterfeit Detector 112-0691
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What is a bank note checker?

A bank note checker is a device used to verify the authenticity of banknotes.

How do bank note checkers work?

Bank note checkers use advanced technology, such as ultraviolet (UV) lights and magnetic sensors, to authenticate currency. UV lights help detect watermarks and security features that are only visible under specific wavelengths, while magnetic sensors verify the presence of magnetic inks used in legitimate banknotes. This combination of technologies ensures accurate and reliable verification, helping to identify counterfeit money.

How can I ensure the reliability of bank note checkers?

To ensure the reliability of bank note checkers, it is essential to choose a reputable manufacturer known for their accuracy and quality assurance. Additionally, consider checking for certifications or approvals from relevant authorities, such as the Central Bank, which indicates that the device has met industry standards and requirements. Regular maintenance and calibration are also crucial to maintain the reliability of bank note checkers over time.