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Kitchen Accessories

Upgrade your kitchen with our high-quality kitchen accessories. From innovative gadgets to food boxes, we have everything you need to make cooking a breeze. Browse through our wide selection of towels, inserts, and food storage solutions to keep your kitchen organised and efficient. Discover the perfect kitchen accessories to enhance your cooking experience and bring your culinary creations to life. If you’re buying for a canteen, don’t miss our canteen appliances range to really provide the best!

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Caterpack Biodegradable Super Rigid Food Boxes (Pack of 50) RY03860 / B004
Caterpack Biodegradable Hinged Fish and Chip Container (Pack of 50) RY10573 / B030
Sistema 3 Split Lunch Box with Yoghurt Pot 2L 20920
Sistema Soup to Go 656ml 21107
Sistema Salad Max to Go Coloured Clip 1.63L Clear 21357
Sistema Bento Cube to Go 1.25L 21685
Vegware Bon Appetit Food Bowl 32oz PLA-Lined White (Pack of 300) RSC-32
Vegware Bon Appetit Bowl Lid 185 Series White (Pack of 300) VLID185P
Vegware Bagasse Takeaway Boxes 6 inch White (Pack of 500) B003
Vegware Bagasse Takeaway Box Clamshell 7x5 inch White (Pack of 500) B001
Vegware Bagasse Takeaway Box 2 Compartment 9x6 inch White (Pack of 200) B002
Vegware Soup Container 16oz 115-Series White (Pack of 500) SC-16
Vegware Cold Portion Pot 2oz Clear (Pack of 2000) CF7057
Vegware Portion Pot Lid 4oz and 2oz Clear (Pack of 2000) CF736
Vegware Deli Container 12oz Round Clear (Pack of 500) CF-DC-12
Vegware Food Carton No. 8 1300ml Kraft Brown (Pack of 300) 1671
Vegware Soup Container Hot Lid 115-Series Opaque (Pack of 500) VLID115S
Vegware Deli Container Lid Round 8-32oz Clear (Pack of 500) VDC-120H
Vegware Cold Portion Pot 4oz Clear (Pack of 2000) CF7054
Vegware Deli Container 8oz Hinged Clear (Pack of 300) VHD-08
Addis Clip & Close Rectangle 2.4 Litre Container Ref 502264
Total 21 products

Can office kitchen accessories enhance productivity in the workplace?

Yes, office kitchen accessories can greatly enhance productivity by providing convenient and efficient solutions for food preparation, organisation, and storage in the office kitchen. These accessories can help save time, promote cleanliness, and create a more comfortable and enjoyable environment for employees.

What are some must-have kitchen accessories for a functional workplace?

Some essential kitchen accessories for a productive workplace include napkins, timers, cling film, labels, kitchen canisters, utensil holders, and towels. These items will help streamline your cooking process and ensure efficiency in the kitchen.

What are some essential kitchen accessories for everyday cooking?

Some essential kitchen accessories for everyday cooking include oven gloves, towels, trays, parchment paper and food containers.