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Cleaning Fluids

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2Work Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate 5 Litre 2W03985
2Work Glass and Window Cleaner 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W76001
2Work Mould And Mildew Cleaner 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07255
2Work Spray And Wipe With Bleach 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07245
2Work Floor Polish 5 Litre 2W04610
2Work Floor Maintainer Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W04497
2Work Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser 5 Litre 2W06354
2Work Washroom Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07249
2Work Enzyme-Based Drain Cleaner 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W06296
2Work Lemon Floor Gel Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W04569
2Work Heavy Duty Gel Oven Cleaner Liquid Gel 5 Litre 2W75995
2Work Oven Cleaner 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07253
2Work Extraction Carpet Cleaner Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W06303
2Work Limescale Remover 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07244
2Work Multi Surface Trigger Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W04587
2Work Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser 5 Litre 2W03999
2Work Label Removing Fluid with Brush DB50590
2Work Urine Neutraliser 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07246
2Work Neutral Floor Cleaner Lemon Fragrance 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W06292
2Work Floor Stripper Non-Rinse Formula 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W04498
2Work Carpet Spot/Stain Remover 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07251
2Work Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre (Pack of 12) 2W06297
2Work Glass Window Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W04579
Unger Glass Cleaner Concentrate 1 Litre 85542D
PVA Glass and Stainless Steel Sachets (Pack of 20) PVAB5-20
Carefree Floor Maintainer 5 Litre J030390
Flash Multi Surface and Glass Spray 750ml 5413149961777
Clover Breaker Concentrated Poolside Cleaner 5 Litre 506
Domestos Professional Bleach 5 Litre VDLDO5
Zoflora Disinfectant Lemon Zing 500ml (Pack of 12) RY20957
Ecover Multi Surface Trigger Spray 500ml (Cuts through grease and grime) 1014166
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner 400ml Aerosol (Removes dirt dust and smudges) 688174
Jeyes Freshbin Powder Cool Linen 550g 1008245S
Clover ECO 330 Degreaser Concentrate 5 Litre (Pack of 2) 330
Taski Sani 4 in 1 Plus 5L (Pack of 2) 101103898
Domestos Thick Bleach 750ml (Pack of 9) 100879718
Total 119 products
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