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Photo Paper

Capture the true essence and beauty of your photos when printing them. This type of printer photo paper is essential for professional photographers, enthusiasts, and anyone who values preserving their memories in print. Our printer photo paper comes in various sizes and finishes to accommodate different printing needs, from glossy to matte and everything in between. It’s engineered to maximise colour accuracy and reproduces fine details with remarkable precision. Whether you’re printing family portraits, landscapes, or artistic creations, using our photo paper guarantees superior results that will last for years to come. Invest in photo paper for your printer and elevate your photo printing experience to new heights. Discover our collection of photo printers to deliver stunning photo prints with every single print.

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Avery Multipurpose Business Cards Matte White (Pack of 250) C32011-25
Avery Laser Business Cards Dbl-Sided Satin Wht (Pack of 250) C32016-25
Brother A3 Premium + Glossy Photo Paper (Pack of 20) BP71GA3
Brother BP71 Photo Paper Gloss A4 (Pack of 20) BP71GA4
Brother Gloss Photo Paper 4 x 6 Inch (Pack of 20) BP71GP20
Brother BP71 Gloss Photo Paper 6x4 BP71GP50
Canon A2 Photo Paper Pro Platinum (Pack of 20) 2768B067
Canon A2 Photo Paper Pro Luster (Pack of 25) 6211B026
Canon Glossy Photo Paper 4x6in (Pack of 50) 0775B081
Canon Glossy Photo Paper A4 200gsm (Pack of 20) 0775B082
Canon Selphy Square Xs-20L 68X68Mm (Pack of 20) 4119C002
Canon FA-RG1 A3 Photo Paper Premium FineArt Rough (Pack of 25) 4562C003
Canon A4 Photo Paper 170gsm Matte (Pack of 50) MP-101 A4
Canon Premium Fine Art Paper FA-SM2 Smooth A4 (Pack of 25) 1711C011
Canon Premium Fine Art Paper FA-SM2 Smooth A2 (Pack of 25) 1711C006
Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II PP-201 4x6 inch (Pack of 100) 2311B072
Canon Glossy Photo A4 Paper 200gsm (Pack of 100) 0775B001
Canon Glossy Photo Paper 10x15cm 170gsm (Pack of 100) 0775B003
Canon SG-201 Photo Paper + 4x6in Semi-Gloss (Pack of 50) 1686B015
Canon SG-201 Bubble Jet Paper 8x10in (Pack of 20) 1686B018
Canon A4 Photo Paper + 260gsm Semi-Gloss (Pack of 20) 1686B021
Canon SG-201 A3 Photo Paper + (Pack of 20) 1686B026
Canon Glossy Photo Paper + 10x15cm 275gsm (Pack of 50) PP-201
Canon A4 Photo Paper Plus Glossy 260gsm (Pack of 20) 2311B019
Canon Photo Paper + Glossy 13x18cm (Pack of 20) 2311B018
Canon PT-101 4x6 inches Photo Paper Platinum Pro (Pack of 20) 2768B013
Canon PT-101 A3 Photo Paper Platinum Pro (Pack of 10) 2768B018
Canon Photo Paper Variety Pack and 10x15cm (Pack of 20) 0775B079
Canon PT-101 Pro A4 Platinum Photo Paper (Pack of 20) 2768B016
Canon A3 Pro Luster Photo Paper (20 Pack) 6211B007
Canon A3 Pro Luster Photo Paper Plus (Pack of 20) 6211B008
Epson White Photo Inkjet A4 Paper 102gsm (Pack of 100) C13S041061
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 100x150mm 2-for-1 (Pack of 40 + 40 Free) C13S042167
Epson Premium Glossy Photo A4 Paper 2-for-1 (Pack of 15 + 15 Free) C13S042169
Epson Cool Peel Iron-On Transfer Paper (Pack of 10) S041154 C13S041154
Epson White Photo Paper Self-Adhesive 167gsm (Pack of 10) C13S041106
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1. What are the different types of photographic paper?

There are various types of photographic paper available, including glossy, matte, satin, pearl, and metallic finishes. Each type offers different characteristics, such as different levels of shine, texture, and colour reproduction.

2. What sizes are available for photographic paper?

Photographic paper comes in a range of standard sizes, including 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, and larger formats like 11x14 inches and 16x20 inches. Some manufacturers also offer custom sizes.

3. Can photographic paper be used with both inkjet and laser printers?

No, photographic paper is typically designed for specific types of printers. Most inkjet printers require inkjet-specific photographic paper, while laser printers generally require laser-specific photographic paper. Using the wrong type of paper can result in poor print quality or damage to the printer.

4. How long does photographic paper last?

The longevity of photographic paper depends on several factors, including the quality of the paper, storage conditions, and environmental factors. Archival-quality photographic paper can last anywhere from 50 to 200 years when properly stored and handled.

5. Can photographic paper be laminated or framed?

Yes, photographic paper can be laminated or framed to protect the image and enhance its display. Laminating can provide additional durability and protection against moisture, UV radiation, and handling. Framing allows for easy hanging or display in various settings.