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Technical Pens

Looking for precise and consistent lines in your drawings? Explore our range of technical pens. With ultra-fine tips and smooth ink flow, these pens are perfect for artists and designers seeking unrivalled precision. Whether you're sketching intricate details or creating technical illustrations, our technical pens deliver exceptional results every time.

As stockists of trusted brands Edding and Uni-Ball, we also offer a wide range of technical pens that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Edding's technical pens feature durable tips and fade-resistant inks, while Uni-Ball's pens are renowned for their smooth writing experience. Whether you're a professional artist or an aspiring enthusiast, investing in a high-quality technical pen is essential for achieving meticulous detail in your work. Choose a technical pen and pair it with our art pads and paper to unlock your creativity and elevate your drawing experience.

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Edding 1800 Profipen Technical Pen Ultra Fine Black (Pack of 10) 1800-0.1-001
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  1. What is a technical pen and how does it work? This specialised writing instrument is used for precise and accurate drawing or drafting. It typically has a fine metal nib that allows for controlled ink flow. The ink used in a technical pen is usually waterproof and fade-resistant.
  2. What types of technical pens are available? The most common types include disposable technical pens, refillable technical pens, and technical pens with interchangeable nibs. Sizes range from ultra-fine (0.2mm or less) to extra-wide (1.0mm or more), allowing for different line widths and artistic effects.
  3. How do I properly maintain and clean my technical pens? After each use, cap your pen to stop the ink from drying out. If the nib becomes clogged with dried ink, soak it in a pen cleaning solution or warm water and then gently clean it with a soft cloth or tissue.