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Shredding and disposing of documents is a legal necessity for businesses but it also best practice to dispose of personal information correctly. In order to keep your shredder operating correctly and safely we stock everything you may need to keep your shredder in working order. We can offer the best pricing on office machines and shredders from global brands including Rexel, Fellowes and Q Connect. Shredders are often a once off purchase for most companies so choosing a shredder can be a complicated process.

Our shredders section allows you to choose by shredder brand, cut type & security level. A necessity for your shredder is to purchase shredder bags. Shredder bags are used to dispose of your shredded paper easily & keep your office tidy. Shredder bags are available in a variety of sizes.

Shredder oil is used for the lubrication of the cutting blades on your shredder. In order to keep your shredder in working order and avoid any issues we always recommend using shredder oil. Shredding oil comes in several formats including aerosol spray, shredder oil sheets & bottled shredder oil. If you have any queries regarding our range of shredding supplies simply contact our dedicated sales team. 

Choose How A Shredder For Your Office

Strip cut shredders will shred the document into long strips. Depending on your shredding requirements we can help you choose the best shredder for your needs. This shredder is widely used & is also suitable for home use.
Security Level: Basic Security Level P1-2

Cross cut shredders will shred the document into small pieces making it extremely difficult to reassemble. This type of shredder can be used in most offices & is extremely popular as it offers excellent cutting options but also excellent value for money.
Security Level: Higher Shredder Security. Level P-3-4

Micro cut shredders will shred the document into confetti which is ideal for highly sensitive or confidential documents. Typically micro cut shredders are used in legal, accountancy & finance practices.
Security Level: Ultimate Shredder Security Level P-5

Shredder Manufacturers
We stock a wide variety of shredders from manufacturers including Fellows, Rexel, Q Connect. Prices from each manufacturer vary depending on the type of shredder you choose, shredding speed, bin size.

Bin Capacity
The bin capacity of the shredder indicates how much volume the bin can hold. 

Throat Capacity
The throat capacity of the shredder specifies how many pages can be fed through the shredder at one give time. Higher capacity shredders can hold a larger amount of paper. 

Machine – Working mechanical parts are covered under a machine warranty.
Cutters – The cutters on machine are covered under a specific cutter warranty. Each manufacturer will vary depending on the shredder you choose.

Materials that can be shredded
Paper clips, credit cards, cd’s are just some of the items that can be shredded. Each shredder will have specific materials that can be shredded.

Jam Free Shredding
Paper jamming can be a frustrating & often time consuming to remove the jam. Many of our shredders offer 100% jam free which ensure that your shredder will not jam when shredding high volumes of paper.

Run Time
The run time of the shredder is the specified amount of time that the shredder can be operated at. Shredders designed for high volumes or large offices exceed the regular amount of time.