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Greensack Medium Duty Refuse Sack 90L Black (Pack of 200) GR0006
2Work Light Duty Refuse Sack Black 90L 23gsm (Pack of 200) KF73375
2Work Heavy Duty Refuse Sack Black 100L 35gsm (Pack of 200) KF73376
2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Clear 90L 20gsm (Pack of 200) KF73377
2Work Extra Heavy-Duty Refuse Sack Black 90L 45gsm (Pack of 200) KF76961
Safewrap Refuse Sack 92 Litre Black (Pack of 80) 0446
Safewrap Tie Handle Refuse Sacks on a Roll Black 80L (Pack of 40) 0447
2Work Wheelie Bin Liner Medium Duty Black 270L 35gsm (Pack of 100) 2W01167
2Work Polythene Bags 90L Clear 50 per Roll 90L 40gsm (Pack of 250) 2W06255
Refuse Sack Light Duty Black (Pack of 200) LD39001
Refuse Sack Medium Duty Black (Pack of 200) LD39002
Refuse Sack Heavy Duty Black (Pack of 200) LD39003
The Green Sack Medium Duty Refuse Sack on a Roll Black 70L (Pack of 15) GR0771
The Green Sack Refuse Bag in Dispenser Clear (Pack of 75) GR0604
The Green Sack Compactor Sack in Dispenser Black (Pack of 40) VHP GR0602
The Green Sack Heavy Duty Refuse Bag in Dispenser Black (Pack of 75) GRO601
The Green Sack Pedal Bin Liner in Dispenser White (Pack of 300) VHP GR0605
The Green Sack Swing Bin Liner in Dispenser White (Pack of 150) GR0606
The Green Sack Extra Heavy Duty Refuse Sack Black (Pack of 200) GR0009
Greensack Heavy Duty Refuse Sack 90L Black (Pack of 200) GR0008
2Work Wheelie Bin Liner Clear (Pack of 100) KF73374
2Work Pedal Bin Liner 10 Litre White (Pack of 1000) KF73378
2Work Swing Bin Liner 45 Litre White (Pack of 1000) KF73379
2Work Square Bin Liners 30 Litre White (Pack of 1000) KF73380
Acorn Big Bin/Twin Bin Heavy Duty Recycling Liner (Pack of 50) 504293
Acorn Bin Printed Recycling Bin Liner Clear Green (Pack of 50) 402573
Le Cube Tie Handle Refuse Sacks With Dispenser 100 Litre Black (Pack of 75) 0481
Le Cube Swing Bin Liner Dispenser 46 Litre (Pack of 200) 0480
Le Cube Pedal Bin Liner Dispenser (Pack of 300) 0362
2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Blue (Pack of 200) RY15521
2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Red (Pack of 200) RY15541
2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Green (Pack of 200) RY15561
2Work Medium Duty Refuse Sack Yellow 100L (Pack of 200) RY15581
Le Cube Dustbin Liner Dispenser 80 Litre Black (Pack of 100) 0483
Waste Not Compostable Caddy Liner Bag 20 per Roll (Pack of 6) 10629
Safewrap Pedal Bin Liner 12L White (Pack of 120) 0432
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