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Printer Paper available in a variety of sizes, paper weight, brands & much more. We stock printer paper from HP, Canon, Xerox, Conqueror & Q Connect. We not only stock standard copier paper for printers, we offer a multitude of papers for every price range, desired finish colour & size. Regardless of what your printer paper preference we will offer you competitive discounts, outstanding service & businesses discounts.

Printer Paper

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White A4 Copier Paper (Pack of 2500) WX01087
Q-Connect A4 White 80gsm Copier Paper (Pack of 2500) KF01087
Q-Connect Premium A4 White 90gsm Inkjet Paper (Pack of 500) KF01090
Discovery A4 70gsm White Paper (Pack of 2500) 59912
Xerox PerFormer A4 White 80gsm Paper (Pack of 2500) XX49049
Canon A4 Yellow Label Standard Paper 80gsm White 97003515
Evolution Everyday A4 Recycled Paper 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) EVE2180
Xerox Premier A4 Paper 90gsm White Ream 003R91854 (Pack of 500) 3R91854
HP Color Choice LASER A4 100gsm White (Pack of 500) HCL0324
Xerox Symphony Medium Tints Lilac Ream A4 Paper 80gsm 003R93969 (Pack of 500) 003R93969
Q-Connect Pink Coloured A4 Copier Paper 80gsm Ream (Pack of 500) KF01095
Q-Connect Copier A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream (Pack of 500) KF01089
Xerox Symphony Pastel Tints Salmon Ream A4 Paper 80gsm 003R93962 (Pack of 500) 003R93962
HP Office A4 80g QuickPack (Pack of 2500) CHPOP080X741
Navigator A4 Presentation Paper 100gsm White (Pack of 2500) NAVA4100
Evolution Value A4 Recycled Paper 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) EVV2180
HP A3 Color Choice Paper 90gsm 500 Sheets CHPCC090X406
Xerox Premier A4 Card 160gsm White (Pack of 250) 003R93009
Navigator Colour Documents A4 Paper 120gsm (Pack of 250) NAVA4120
Color Copy A3 Paper 120gsm White (Pack of 250) CCW1030A1
Evolution Business A3 Recycled Paper 80gsm White Ream (Pack of 500) EVBU4280
Epson A2 White Photo Quality Paper (Pack of 30) C13S041079
Xerox A3 Symphony Tinted 80gsm Pastel Green Copier Paper (Pack of 500) 003R91955
Xerox Recycled A4 Copier Paper 80gsm (Pack of 2500) 003R91165
Color Copy A4 Paper 100gsm White (Pack of 500) CCW0324
Conqueror Paper Laid High A4 White 100gsm Ream (Pack of 500) CQP0324HWNW
Xerox Premier A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream 003R91721 (Pack of 500)
Xerox Colotech+ A4 Paper 120gsm White Ream 003R98847 (Pack of 500) 003R98847
Q-Connect A4 White Business Paper 100gsm (Pack of 500) KF01434
HP Color Choice LASER A4 120gsm White (Pack of 250) HCL0330
Xerox Symphony Pastel Tints Yellow Ream A4 Paper 80gsm 003R93975 (Pack of 500) 003R93975
Q-Connect Premium Copier/Laser A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream (Pack of 500) KF01425
Conqueror CX22 Paper Diamond A4 White 100gsm Ream (Pack of 500) CQX0324DWNW
Q-Connect Coloured A4 Copier Paper 80gsm Cream Ream (Pack of 500) KF01092
Xerox Symphony Pastel Tints Green Ream A4 Paper 80gsm 003R93965 (Pack of 500) 003R93965
HP Everyday Laser Jet Paper Glossy 120gsm A3 150 Sheets 7MV81A
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How to choose A4 Paper?

There are many factors that you must consider when choosing the right type of A4 paper.  Important aspects should include, the feel, the weight, colour and what is best suited to the machine you are using.

Types of A4 Paper

- Volume Copier & Laser A4 Paper - this paper is ideal for every day photocopying and printing in the office.  It’s low cost is perfect for internal black and white print jobs such as reports.    

- Premium A4 Paper – Compatible with most machines, laser printers, photocopiers and fax machines. Premium A4 Paper is ideal for colour printing, presentations and external communications. Remember to carefully consider the right paper weight for a superior look and feel. 

- A4 Coloured Paper & Card – Eye-catching colourful paper is ideal for mailings, presentations, notices, filing, colour coding and more.  Suitable for use in all laser, copier and inkjet machines. Packaged in clear moisture resistant wrappers for easy identification.

- Photo Paper & Speciality paper – Print your photographs from your inkjet printer with excellent results

When ordering paper remember:

1.  The whiteness of paper is measured in CIE and the higher the number the brighter the page is.

2.  Paper is weighed in GSM (grams per square meter), the higher the number the thicker the sheet is.  For everyday internal printing and photocopying most businesses choose 80gsm paper.  It is recommended to choose a higher weight of paper for external communications in order to convey the right message.