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Guillotines and Cutters

Whether you’re a professional in need of precise paper-cutting solutions or a hobbyist looking to enhance your crafting projects, our selection of cutting tools is sure to meet your diverse needs. Explore our range of guillotines for unparalleled precision and accuracy, making them perfect for offices, print shops, and graphic design studios. With adjustable blade settings and safety features, guillotines provide clean and straight cuts every time.

For those seeking versatility, our rotary trimmers are a fantastic choice. Designed for personal and professional use, they offer smooth, hassle-free cutting for various materials, including paper, photos, and even laminated documents. The rotary cutting mechanism ensures precise, burr-free results, making these trimmers a favourite among artists and photographers.

Additionally, our collection of paper cutters caters to both professional and casual users. From portable options perfect for on-the-go projects to heavy-duty cutters suitable for industrial environments, we have a wide range to suit different requirements.

Browse through our selection to find the perfect cutting tool for your needs. Shop with confidence knowing you are investing in high-quality, durable cutting equipment that will last for years to come.

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  • What’s the difference between guillotines, rotary trimmers, and paper cutters? Guillotines are large, heavy-duty cutting machines that use a lever mechanism to slice through materials with a sharp blade. They’re commonly used for cutting large stacks of paper, cardboard, and other materials. Rotary trimmers feature a circular blade that rolls across the surface of the material, providing a clean, precise cut which is perfect for smaller projects. Paper cutters are general-purpose cutting tools used for trimming and cutting various types of paper. They come in different sizes and styles.
  • What types of materials can I cut with guillotines and rotary trimmers? Guillotines are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, foam board, and even thin sheets of metal or wood. Rotary trimmers are versatile; however, their cutting capacity may vary depending on the model and blade quality. They can generally cut through various materials, including paper, cardstock, laminates, fabric, and thin plastics.
  • How can I choose the right cutting tool? Assessing your cutting needs will help narrow down the options. Determine whether you need a heavy-duty guillotine for industrial purposes or a smaller, portable rotary trimmer for home or office use. Check the capacity of each tool to ensure it can handle the thickness and quantity of materials you frequently work with. Consider the type of quality of blades available for replacement: sharp, durable blades will provide cleaner and more accurate cuts. Finally, look for safety features like protective guards, blade locks and blade guards to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries during use.