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Punched Pockets

Punched pockets - the perfect organisational solution for your documents. Keep your papers neat, tidy, and protected with these handy pockets. Designed with reinforced edges and a universal punching system, they fit perfectly into most ring binders and files. Made from high-quality, clear material, these pockets are transparent, allowing for easy identification of your documents. Whether it's storing important presentations, school notes, or personal papers, these punched pockets are a must-have for any organised individual. Invest in these practical and durable pockets and a high-quality ring binder to keep your documents safe and easily accessible. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organised bliss!

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Q-Connect Punched Pockets Polypropylene 50 Micron A4 Embossed (Pack of 100) KF24001
Rapesco Eco Punched Pockets A4 Clear (Pack of 100) 1104
A4 Punched Pocket Clear 35 micron 270486 (Pack of 100) WX24001
Q-Connect Delux Punched Pocket Top Opening Green Strip A4 Clear (Pack of 100) KF01121
Q-Connect Delux Punched Pocket Top Opening Blue Strip A4 Clear (Pack of 25) KF01122
Q-Connect Expanding Punched Pocket Full Length Front A4(Pack of 5) KF00138
Q-Connect Punched Pocket Polypropylene Top Opening A3 (Pack of 10) KF00715
Q-Connect Delux Punched Pocket Side Opening Red Strip A4 (Pack of 25) KF01123
Oxford Punch Pocket Green Spine A4 Clear (100 Pack) 400002137
Oxford Quick In Punched Pockets A4 Clear (100 Pack) 400012939
Oxford Punched Pocket Polypropylene Landscape A3 Clear 4x25 (100 Pack) 400005480
Oxford Punched Pocket Polypropylene Landscape A3 Clear 4x25 (100 Pack) 400005481
Elba Expanding Punched Pockets Top Opening A4 (10 Pack) 100080753
Oxford Expanding Punch Pocket with Flap A4 (10 Pack) 100080754
Durable Tabletop Presenter Document Pockets A4 Landscape (Pack of 10) 8566
Durable Tabletop Presenter Document Pockets A3 Landscape (Pack of 10) 8577
Esselte 12-Tab Index Pocket A4 Assorted 414170
Esselte Pocket Top Opening Embossed A4 Clear (Pack of 100) 23752
Esselte Pocket Portrait Top Opening Embossed A3 Clear (Pack of 10) 47181
Esselte Pocket Landscape Top Opening Embossed A3 Clear (Pack of 10) 47182
Esselte Pocket Top Opening Embossed A5 Clear (Pack of 25) 47183
Esselte Heavy Duty Pockets A4 (Pack of 25) 47187
Leitz Reinforced Expanding Pockets A4 Clear (Pack of 5) 47188
Goldline Polypropylene Display Sleeve A1 (Pack of 10) PDSA1Z
Oxford Punched Pocket 75micron A4 Blue/Clear (100 Pack) 400002150
Oxford Punched Pocket 60 micron A5 Clear (100 Pack) 400025671
Oxford Punched Pocket Pad 60 Pocket A4 400129426
Coloured Edge Punched Pockets A4 (Pack of 100) 9410410
A4 Punched Pockets (Pack of 500) PM22312
Punched Pockets Embossed (Pack of 100) PM22539
Leitz Premium Expanding Pocket 170 micron Clear (Pack of 5) 47563003
Leitz Expanding Pocket with Flap A4 Clear (Pack of 5) 47573003
Leitz Punched Pockets Recycled A4 (Pack of 100) 4791-10-03
Leitz Pocket Recycled PP 100 micron A4 Clear (Pack of 25) 47913003
Rexel Nyrex Premium Top Side Opening Pocket A4 Grey Spine Glass Clear (Pack of 25) 13682
Rexel Essential Pocket A4 in Dispenser Embossed (Pack of 100) 11000
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What is a punched pocket?

A punched pocket, also known as a sheet protector or document sleeve, is a transparent plastic sleeve with holes punched on one side, typically used to store and protect papers in a ring binder or folder. It allows you to easily view and access your documents without the risk of them getting damaged or dirty.

How does a punched pocket work with a ring binder?

A punched pocket works with a ring binder by sliding its hole-punched edge onto the binder's rings, securely holding documents and protecting them within the transparent plastic sleeve.

Are there eco-friendly options available for punched pockets?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options available for punched pockets on Purple Panda. You can find these products marked with our “eco products” stickers.