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Cash Counter

We stock a range of essential tools for efficient and accurate money handling. Our selection includes banknote counters, counterfeit detectors, coin counters, and sorters, as well as money counting scales.

Banknote counters streamline the process of counting large volumes of banknotes. Equipped with advanced sensors, they ensure accurate counting and eliminate human error. Coin counters and sorters are perfect for businesses that handle a high volume of coins. They streamline the process of counting and sorting coins by denomination quickly and accurately, saving valuable time and effort.

Money counting scales provide a versatile solution for counting not only banknotes but also coins, checks, and vouchers. They offer precision and efficiency, and some models can even calculate the total value of mixed denominations. Consider adding counterfeit detectors to your business as well. These essential tools offer various authentication methods such as UV, magnetic and watermark technologies. These detectors help identify counterfeit banknotes, preventing financial loss and keeping your business secure.

Browse through our collection of cash counters to find the right tool for your business. Whether you need to count banknotes, detect counterfeit currency, or manage coins, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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Safescan Mixed Coin Counter and Sorter Euro UK Plug 113-0260
Safescan 2850 UK Easy Clean Banknote Counter 112-0658
Safescan Banknote Counter Cleaning Cards White (Pack of 15) 152-0663
Safescan RS-100 Banknote Stacker for 155-S Auto Detector 112-0695
Safescan 6165 G3 Money Counting Scales 131-0700
Safescan 6175 Money Counting Scale 131-0706
Safescan 155-S Auto Counterfeit Dectector with RS-100 Banknote Stacker
Safescan Mixed Coin Counter and Sorter Sterling 113-0568
Safescan 4617CC Coin Cups for SD-4617S Flip Top Metal Cash Drawer Black Ref 135-0478 [Pack 8]
Coin counter and sorter - Coin Capacity: 500 - Counting Speed Coins per min: 220 - Depth mm: 290
Money counting scales - Depth mm: 230 - Display: LCD - GTIN: 5052105460444 - Height mm: 40
Salter CC-804 Electronic Coin Scale 402
Safescan 2865-S UK Easy Clean Value Banknote Counter 112-653
Safescan 2685-S Banknote Counter & Checker 6.5kg L262xW264xH248mm Grey Ref 112-0511
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  • How do counterfeit detectors work? The counterfeit detector feature on cash counters and sorters utilises advanced technology to identify counterfeit bills. It examines various security features such as UV (ultraviolet), MG magnetic), and IR (infrared) detection to determine authenticity. This ensures that only genuine bills are counted and sorted, minimising the risk of accepting counterfeit currency.
  • How do cash counters and sorters minimise human error? Cash counters and sorters significantly reduce human error by automating the counting and sorting process. By relying on advanced technology and sophisticated sensors, cash counters and sorters provide precise and consistent results, ensuring accuracy and minimising the risk of miscounts or mistakes during cash handling operations.
  • Can a cash counter handle different currencies? Yes, some cash counters and sorters are designed to handle multiple currencies. However, it's important to check the model specifications to ensure it’s compatible with the currencies you wish to count before you buy.