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Numeric Keypads

A numeric keypad, also known as a number pad or numerical keyboard, is a peripheral device that consists of a set of keys specifically designed for inputting numeric data. These keypads typically include the digits 0-9, along with other mathematical symbols such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), and division (/) signs.

Numeric keypads are commonly used in various applications where numerical input is required, such as financial calculations, data entry, and gaming. They’re particularly useful for tasks that involve frequent numeric inputs, as they provide a more efficient and ergonomic way of entering numbers compared to using the number keys on a standard keyboard.

Some modern numeric keyboards feature additional functionalities, such as programmable keys or shortcut keys that can be customised to perform specific actions or macros. These advanced features enhance productivity and convenience for users who rely heavily on numerical input.

Numeric keypads are essential tools that provide a quick and accurate method for inputting numerical data, making them indispensable in many professional and personal computing environments.

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Manhattan Numeric Keypad, Wired, USB, Windows or Mac, 18 full size keys, Black, Blister
Manhattan Numeric Keypad, Wireless, USB, Windows or Mac, 18 full size keys, Black
CHERRY G84-4700 KEYPAD Corded, USB, Light-Grey (UK/US)
CHERRY G84-4700 KEYPAD Corded, USB, Black (UK/US)
Adesso WKB-6010UB - Wireless Spill Resistant 18-Key Numeric Keypad
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  • What are numeric keypads? Numeric keypads, also known as number pads or number keyboards, are input devices that feature a set of numerical keys arranged in a grid layout. These keypads usually contain the numbers 0-9, along with additional keys like a decimal point, arithmetic operators, and sometimes function keys.
  • What are the primary uses of numeric keypads? Numeric keypads are commonly used for data entry tasks that involve numerical input. They are particularly useful in various industries such as accounting, finance, retail, and data analysis, where numeric data needs to be entered quickly and accurately. Numeric keypads are also found on mobile phones, calculators, and other electronic devices for improved numerical input.
  • What are the advantages of using numeric keypads? Using numeric keypads can offer several advantages, such as improved efficiency, enhanced accuracy, and easy portability. Numeric keypads are also often designed with ergonomics in mind, providing a comfortable and efficient way to input numeric information without straining the main keyboard.