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Washing Up Liquids

Discover the power of sparkling clean dishes with our range of washing-up liquid. Designed to cut through grease and stubborn food residues, our washing-up liquid is the ultimate kitchen companion. With just a small amount, you can create a rich and foamy lather that effortlessly tackles even the toughest stains. The formulas are tough on dirt, leaving your dishes squeaky clean and residue-free. Choose from an array of refreshing scents and enjoy the pleasure of effortlessly washing up. Let our washing-up liquid bring efficiency and cleanliness to your kitchen routine. Visit our cleaning cloths range to make your job easier!

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Vital Fresh Washing Up Liquid 500ml (Pack of 12) WX00215
2Work Concentrated Rinse Aid Additive Concentrate 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W01458
2Work Washing Up Liquid Fresh Scent 5 Litre Bulk Bottle 2W04170
2Work Washing Up Liquid Concentrate Lemon Fragrance 1 Litre 2W04589
2Work Dishwashing Neutral Detergent Liquid 5 Litre 2W06293
2Work Premium Rinse Aid 5 Litre 2W06302
2Work Catering Food Plant and Equipment Descaler 5 Litre 2W76008
2Work Washing Up Liquid Lemon Scent 5 Litre Bottle 2W76013
2Work Washing Up Liquid Fresh Citrus 500ml (Pack of 12) 2W77762
2Work Dishcloths 400x280mm White (Pack of 10) CPD30019
Greenspeed Citop Zero Washing-Up Liquid 1 Litre 4003333EACH
Greenspeed Dishwasher Tabs All-in-One 1.8kg (Pack of 100) 4003300EACH
Addis Ultra Grip Jumbo Dish Brush 501120
Addis Rectangular Washing Up Bowl 9.5 Litre 9603MET
Addis Draining Rack 380x480x110mm Metallic Grey 510815
Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets Blue (Pack of 100) AST21073
Astonish All in 1 Dishwasher Tablets Blue (Pack of 42) AST22180
Sun Professional Dishwasher Tablets (Pack of 100) 7515207
UB40 Washing Up Liquid Concentrate 2 Litre (Pack of 4) 994
Clover Sink Pump for Hand Dishwashing Detergents DIS204
GreenR Hand Dish Ultra Ecological Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent 1L (Pack of 12) 490DONCCGB1079
Clover ECO 490 Dishwashing Detergent 1 Litre (Pack of 12) 490
Robert Scott 130x70x40mm Finger Grip Sponge Scourer (Pack of 500) 102424
Robert Scott Galvanised Scourer (Pack of 240) 102546
Galvanised Steel Scourer Medium (Pack of 10) 102589
Ecover Washing Up Liquid Lemon and Aloe Vera 5L 1015063
Economy Scourer Flat 150x115mm Green (Pack of 10) VOW/SC.01/10
Lightweight J-Cloth 430x320mm Blue (Pack of 50) 0707117
Brillo Multi-Use Soap Pads x5 Pads Per Pack (Pack of 24) 930044
Brillo Mr Muscle Multi-Use Soap Pads (Pack of 10) 0705033
Ecover Dishwasher Rinse Aid 500ml 1002053
Diversey Granular Salt For Dishwashers/Water Softeners 10kg 1002005
Ecover All In One Dishwasher Tablets Lemon and Mandarin (Pack of 68) 4004065
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml 0153850
Sponge Back Scourer 140x70x40mm (Pack of 10) SBS100G
Long Handle Washing Up Brush White/Blue - (Washable with comfortable curved handle grip) WWWSBU24L
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What is washing up liquid?

Washing up liquid, commonly known as dish soap or dishwashing liquid, is a fluid detergent specifically designed for cleaning dishes and utensils. It helps remove grease, grime, and food residue, leaving dishes clean and sanitised.

What is washing up liquid used for?

Washing up liquid, also known as dish soap, is used for cleaning dishes and utensils by effectively removing grease, food residue, and stains.

Can washing up liquid be used in an office setting?

Yes, washing up liquid can be effectively used for cleaning dishes, cutlery, and other kitchenware in an office pantry or kitchen area.