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Looking to make your notes and documents stand out? Look no further than our fantastic selection of highlighters. These handy tools are perfect for emphasising important words, phrases, and ideas with a vibrant pop of colour. Whether you're studying for exams, highlighting key points in a meeting, or simply adding visual interest to your bullet journal, our keyword highlighter pens are the must-have accessory. With their precise tips and long-lasting ink, you can trust these highlighters to deliver consistent and bold results every time. Get ready to make your words shine! Stocking a classroom? Be sure to supply our budget-friendly pencil cases to put it in!

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Q-Connect Yellow Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01111
Q-Connect Pink Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01112
Q-Connect Green Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01113
Q-Connect Blue Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01114
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Yellow (Pack of 10) 70/24/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Blue (Pack of 10) 70/31/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Green (Pack of 10) 70/33/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 10) 70/10-1
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Orange (Pack of 10) 70/54/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Pink (Pack of 10) 70/56/10
Q-Connect Orange Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01115
Q-Connect Assorted Highlighter Pens (Pack of 4) KF01116
Q-Connect Assorted Highlighter Pens (Pack of 6) KF01909
Q-Connect Liquid Ink Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) KF16127
Q-Connect Deskset with 8 Pastel Highlighters (Pack of 8) KF17806
BIC Highlighter Grip Green (Box of 12) 811932
BIC Highlighter Grip Pink (Box of 12) 811934
Bic Brite Liner Highlighters Yellow (Pack of 12) 811935
Bic Highlighter Flex Brush Tip Assorted Colours (Pack of 4) 942041
Bic Marking Highlighters Chisel Tip Yellow (Pack of 10) 943647
Bic Marking Highlighter Chisel Tip Assorted (Pack of 4) 943652
Bic Highlighter Grip Assorted Pastel (Pack of 4) 964859
Bic Highlighter Grip Pastel Assorted (Pack of 12) 992562
BIC Chisel Tip Highlighter Grip Assorted (Pack of 5) 894324
Edding e-24/4S EcoLine Highlighter Set Pastel (Pack of 4) 4-24-4-1000
Edding 24 EcoLine Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) 4-24-4
Edding 24 Ecoline Highlighters Yellow (Pack of 10) 4-24005
Classmaster Highlighters Class (Pack of 48) HG48AC
Sharpie Dual Tip Creative Highlighters/Markers Assorted (Pack of 8) 2182116
Ergo-Brite Ergonomic Highlighter Pen Yellow (Pack of 10) JN69979
Ergo-Brite Assorted Erognomic Highlighter Pens (Pack of 4) JN69980
Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters Wallet Assorted (Pack of 4) 275/4
Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter Wallet Assorted (Pack of 6) 275/6-3
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 48) 70/48-1
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 48) 70/48-2
Stabilo Green Boss Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) 6070/4
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What is a highlighter used for?

A highlighter is used to mark important information or draw attention to specific points in texts or documents.

What are the different types of highlighters available?

The most common types of highlighters are liquid highlighters, and dry highlighters.

How long does a highlighter usually last?

The lifespan of a highlighter depends entirely on how much you use it.