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Keep track of your important points with our range of Highlighters, ideal for the office and at home. Highlighters available in various colours and pack sizes to suit every budget. Browse below and order online or call our team to place an order.

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ECO Aware
Q-Connect Yellow Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01111
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Pink Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01112
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Green Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01113
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Blue Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01114
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Orange Highlighter Pen (Pack of 10) KF01115
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Yellow (Pack of 10) 70/24/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Blue (Pack of 10) 70/31/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Green (Pack of 10) 70/33/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 10) 70/10-1
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Orange (Pack of 10) 70/54/10
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Pink (Pack of 10) 70/56/10
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Assorted Highlighter Pens (Pack of 4) KF01116
ECO Aware
Q-Connect Assorted Highlighter Pens (Pack of 6) KF01909
Q-Connect Liquid Ink Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) KF16127
Artline Clix Retractable Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) EK63W4
Bic Brite Liner Highlighters Assorted (Pack of 5) 893133
BIC Highlighter Grip Green (Box of 12) 811932
BIC Highlighter Grip Pink (Box of 12) 811934
Bic Brite Liner Highlighters Yellow (Pack of 12) 811935
Bic Highlighter Flex Brush Tip Assorted Colours (Pack of 4) 942041
Bic Highlighter Grip Assorted Pastel (Pack of 4) 964859
Bic Highlighter Grip Pastel Assorted (Pack of 12) 992562
BIC Chisel Tip Highlighter Grip Assorted (Pack of 5) 894324
ECO Aware
Edding E-24/4 EcoLine Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 4) 4-24-4
Classmaster Highlighters Class (Pack of 48) HG48AC
Ergo-Brite Ergonomic Highlighter Pen Yellow (Pack of 10) JN69979
Ergo-Brite Assorted Erognomic Highlighter Pens (Pack of 4) JN69980
ECO Aware
Pilot FrXiion Set2Go Light Highlighter Rollerball Pens Assorted (Pack of 4) 3131910546818
Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighter Assorted (Pack of 6) 275/6-3
Stabilo Luminator Highlighter Pen Yellow (Pack of 5) 71/24
Stabilo Luminator Highlighter Pen Assorted (Pack of 4) 71/4
Stabilo Luminator Highlighter Pen Assorted (Pack of 6) 71/6
Stabilo Boss Mini Highlighter Pens Assorted (Pack of 5) 07/5-11
Stabilo Boss Highlighter Pen Single Blister Yellow (Pack of 10) B-10129
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighters Assorted (Pack of 48) 70/48-1
Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Storepack Assorted (Pack of 48) 70/48-2
Total 70 products
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