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Tambour Units & Cupboards

Tambour Units Bisley, Arista & Jemini Tambour units available in a variety of colours and finishes. Tambour units are available in a range of styles including vertical & side opening which can be ideal of businesses with limited office space. Tambour units are an ideal storage solution for storing important file, folders & documents as many of our tambour units are fitted with a security locks.

You can also choose between 2, 3 & 4 shelves for your tambour unit depending on your office requirements. Our range of tambour units are constructed from high quality steel & wood in a variety of styles including beech, maple & oak. Tambour units can also be an ideal way tidy up your office & make your office more aesthetically pleasing.

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Talos Side Opening Tambour Unit 1000x450x1950mm Grey KF78760
Talos Side Opening Tambour Unit 1000x450x1950mm White KF78761
Talos Side Opening Tambour Unit 1000x450x1050mm Grey KF78758
Talos Side Opening Tambour Unit 1000x450x1050mm White KF78759
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1200mm White KF810278
First Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm White KF821014
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm Nova Oak KF811084
Jemini 2 Door Storage Cupboard Metal 420x960x1810mm Coffee/Cream KF08082
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1800mm White/Nova Oak KF810971
Jemini Cupboard 800x450x800mm White/Nova Oak KF822721
First Wooden Storage Cupboard 800x450x1800mm Beech KF820963
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1200mm Beech KF810223
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1800mm White KF810612
Jemini Cupboard 800x450x800mm White KF822400
First Wooden Storage Cupboard 800x450x1200mm Nova Oak KF820918
Talos Double Door Stationery Cupboard 920x420x1950mm White KF78757
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1800mm Beech KF810568
Jemini Cupboard 800x450x800mm Beech KF822356
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x730mm White/Nova Oak KF811312
Talos Double Door Stationery Cupboard 920x420x1000mm Grey KF78752
Bisley 2 Door Cupboard Empty 914x470x1570mm Chalk White KF78713
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1600mm White/Beech KF810452
Serrion Premium Cupboard 750x400x1600mm Ferrera Oak KF822240
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x730mm White KF811268
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1600mm Dark Walnut KF810407
Serrion Premium Cupboard 750x400x800mm White KF822196
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x730mm Beech KF811213
Jemini Tambour Unit 1000x475x1970mm Grey KF74774
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1200mm White/Dark Walnut KF810292
Avior Executive Cupboard 1005x404x800mm Nova Oak KF821977
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm White/Beech KF811107
Jemini 2 Door Stationery Cupboard 420x960x1005mm Grey KF08501
First Wooden Storage Cupboard 800x450x1800mm White KF820987
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1200mm Grey Oak KF810247
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x2000mm Dark Walnut KF811053
Jemini Wooden Cupboard 800x450x1800mm White/Dark Walnut KF810711
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