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Cleaning Equipment

Whether you’re tackling everyday household chores or managing a professional cleaning service, we have a wide range of products to meet your needs. To handle spills and accidents, we offer a variety of sturdy brooms and efficient mops. Our durable buckets are designed to withstand heavy use and facilitate easy cleaning.

For outdoor cleaning, we provide street cleaning equipment, ensuring that public spaces are kept tidy and presentable. When it comes to window cleaning, our range includes high-quality tools that will leave your windows sparkling and streak-free. Organise your supplies with cleaning trolleys which make cleaning tasks hassle-free.

Browse through our extensive collection of cleaning equipment to find the perfect tools that best suit your needs.

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  • What features should I look for in a cleaning equipment trolley? A cleaning equipment trolley is meant to improve efficiency and organisation. When selecting a cleaning equipment trolley, consider features like sturdy construction, adjustable shelves or compartments, wheels that swivel for easy manoeuvrability, and a compact design for easy storage.
  • What are the differences between brooms and mops? Brooms are designed to sweep away dry debris from floors and other surfaces, while mops are used to clean and sanitise floors using water or cleaning solutions. Brooms are typically used for pre-cleaning before mopping.
  • What’s spillage control? Spillage control refers to the process of preventing and managing accidental spills of liquids or other substances to minimise damage, maintain safety, and facilitate efficient cleanup. Essential spillage control equipment includes spill kits, absorbents, containment booms or barriers, drain covers, and spill pallets. These items help contain and clean up spills quickly and effectively.