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A4 Paper

Whether you're printing documents, making copies, or creating vibrant presentations, our A4 copier paper is specifically designed to deliver exceptional results. It is compatible with all major copier machines, ensuring smooth and efficient printing every time. For those seeking trusted brands, we also offer a selection of Xerox. Known for its outstanding performance and reliability, Xerox paper is optimised for crisp text and vibrant colours, making it a popular choice among professionals. For all of your paper needs, we offer a wide range of high-quality products that are perfect for both personal and professional use in varying sizes. Need something bigger than the A4 paper size? Explore our range of A3 paper. Browse our paper supplies and experience the joy of printing with precision and quality.

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Copier Paper A4 White Ream Wrapped (Pack of 2500) WX01087
Motif White A4 Copier Paper 80gsm (Pack of 2500) MOTIF80
Multifunctional Printer Paper A4 White Box of 2500 Sheets (5 Reams)
Q-Connect A4 White 80gsm Copier Paper (Pack of 2500) KF01087
Evolution Everyday A4 Recycled Paper 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) EVE2180
Xerox Premier A4 Paper 90gsm White Ream 003R91854 (Pack of 500) 3R91854
Xerox PerFormer A4 White 80gsm Paper (Pack of 2500) XX49049
Artwork A4 White Paper 75gsm (Pack of 2500) EH00432
Evolution Business A4 Recycled Paper 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) EVBU2180
Evolution Business A4 Recycled Paper 100gsm White Ream 500 EVBU21100
Evolution Everyday A4 Recycled Paper 75gsm White (Pack of 2500) EVE2175
Evolution Everyday A3 Recycled Paper 80gsm White Ream (Pack of 500) EVE4280
Evolution Business A4 Recycled Paper 120gsm White (Pack of 250) EVBU21120
Q-Connect A4 Recycled Copier Paper 80gsm (2500 Sheets/5 Reams) KF01047
A4 White Bank Paper 50gsm (Pack of 500) KF51015
Color Copy A4 Paper 100gsm White (Pack of 500) CCW0324
Color Copy A4 Paper 160gsm White (Pack of 250) CCW0324
Color Copy A4 Paper 120gsm White (Pack of 250) CCW0330A1
Report A4 Copier White Paper (Pack of 2500) REP2180
Navigator Universal A4 Paper 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) NAVA480
Navigator A4 Presentation Paper 100gsm White (Pack of 2500) NAVA4100
Navigator Eco-Logical Paper 75gm A4 (Pack of 2500) NAVA475
Navigator Expression A4 Paper 90gsm (Pack of 2500) NAVA490
HP Premium Paper A4 80gsm White (Pack of 2500) HPT0317
HP Color Choice LASER A4 100gsm White (Pack of 500) HCL0324
HP Color Choice LASER A4 120gsm White (Pack of 250) HCL0330
HP Premium Paper A4 90gsm White (Pack of 500) HPT0321CL
HP White Office A4 Paper 80gsm (Pack of 2500) HP F0317
Xerox A4 Premium Nevertear 95 Micron White Copier Paper (Pack of 100) 003R98056
Xerox Premier Pure TCF A4 Card 160gsm White (Pack of 250) 003R93009
Xerox Business A4 White 80gsm 4 Hole Punched Paper (Pack of 500) 003R91823
Xerox Premier A4 Paper 100gsm White Ream 003R93608 (Pack of 500) 003R93608
Xerox Symphony Pastel Tints Ivory Ream A4 Paper 80gsm 003R93964 (Pack of 500) 003R93964
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1. What are the dimensions of A4 paper?

A4 paper typically has dimensions of 210 mm x 297 mm or 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches.

2. What is the weight of A4 paper?

The weight of A4 paper can vary depending on its thickness. The most common weight for office use is 80 grams per square meter (gsm), but A4 paper can also be found in weights ranging from 60 gsm to 120 gsm or more.

3. Is A4 paper the same as letter-size paper?

No, A4 paper is slightly taller and narrower than letter-size paper, though the difference is minimal. A4 paper is commonly used in most countries around the world, except for the United States and Canada, where letter-size paper (8.5 inches x 11 inches) is more commonly used.