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Enhance your productivity with our range of whiteboards - small, large, revolving, portable, and magnetic! Explore the possibilities of efficient planning, collaborative brainstorming, and effective communication with our high-quality whiteboards with a variety of options to suit any needs. Boost your organisation, creativity, and teamwork with our whiteboards - perfect for offices, classrooms, and home use. Shop now and experience the power of visual thinking! Don’t forget to check out our whiteboard markers and accessories for all the extra essentials.

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Q-Connect Aluminium Magnetic Whiteboard 900x600mm KF01079
Q-Connect Aluminium Magnetic Whiteboard 1200x900mm
Q-Connect Aluminium Magnetic Whiteboard 1800x1200mm KF01081
Q-Connect Wooden Frame Whiteboard 400x300mm KF03569
Q-Connect Wooden Frame Whiteboard 600x400mm KF03570
Q-Connect Wooden Frame Whiteboard 900x600mm KF03571
Q-Connect Wooden Frame Whiteboard 1200x900mm KF03572
Q-Connect Magnetic Drywipe Board 900x600mm KF04145
Q-Connect Magnetic Drywipe Board 1200x900mm KF04146
Q-Connect Magnetic Drywipe Board 1800x1200mm KF04148
Q-Connect Aluminium Frame Whiteboard 900x600mm 54034621 KF37015
Q-Connect Aluminium Frame Whiteboard 1200x900mm KF37016
Q-Connect Aluminium Frame Whiteboard 1800x1200mm 54034623 KF37017
Bi-Office Evolution Magnetic Revolver Board 1500x1200mm QR5458GR
Bi-Office Evolution Revolver Board 1800x1200mm QR5558GR
Bi-Office Revolver Board Non-Magnetic 1200x900mm Grey QR3202
Bi-Office Revolver Board Non-Magnetic 1500x1200mm Grey QR3402
Bi-Office Revolver + Magnetic Board 1200x900mm QR3203
Bi-Office Revolver + Magnetic Board 1500x1200mm QR3403
Bi-Office Evolution Magnetic Revolver Board 1200x900mm QR5203BU
Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Drywipe Board 1800x1200mm MA2707170
Bi-Office Maya Non-Magnetic Melamine Whiteboard 1500x1000mm MA1512170
Bi-Office Aluminium Trim Drywipe Board 1800x1200mm MA2712170
Bi-Office Earth-It Non-Magnetic Melamine Drywipe Board 1800x1200mm Aluminium Frame MA2700790
Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Drywipe Board 900x600mm MA0307170
Bi-Office Earth Non-Magnetic Melamine Drywipe Board 900x600mm MA0300790
Bi-Office Aluminium Trim Drywipe Board 900x600mm MB0312170
Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Whiteboard Gridded 900x600mm MA0347170
Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Drywipe Board 1200x900mm MA0507170
Bi-Office Earth Non-Magnetic Melamine Drywipe Board 1200x900mm MA0500790
Bi-Office Aluminium Trim Drywipe Board 1200x900mm MA0512170
Bi-Office Outsize Magnetic Whiteboard Aluminium Frame 1800x1000mm MA2297510014
Bi-Office Maya Magnetic Whiteboard Gridded 1200x900mm MA0547170
Bi-Office New Generation Drywipe Board 1200x900mm MA0512830
Bi-Office New Generation Magnetic Whiteboard 900x600mm MA0307830
Bi-Office New Generation Magnetic Board 1200x900mm MA0507830
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What are the different types of whiteboards available?
There are several types of whiteboards available, including dry erase boards, magnetic whiteboards, steel whiteboards, and revolving whiteboards. Dry erase boards use special markers that can be easily erased, while magnetic whiteboards have a metal surface that allows you to attach papers or magnets. Steel whiteboards provide a sleek and modern look, and revolving whiteboards offer more space and versatility.

How do I clean and maintain a whiteboard?
To clean a whiteboard, simply use a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser to wipe away the markings. For stubborn stains, you can use a whiteboard cleaner. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the surface. It's important to regularly clean your whiteboard to maintain its functionality and prevent ghosting or staining.

What are the benefits of using a whiteboard?
Whiteboards have several advantages over traditional blackboards. They offer a smoother writing surface and don't produce chalk dust or noise. Whiteboards are also more versatile, allowing you to easily erase and modify content. Overall, whiteboards are an efficient and effective tool for presentations, brainstorming sessions, teaching, and organising information.